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Coverage Map




12am-5am Coast to Coast with George Noory (Premier XDS)

5am-6am America Morning News (TRN XDS)

5:30am-8am The Morning Show (Live) Local News at the :30s

8am-9am Swap Shop (Live)

9am-12pm Markley VanCamp Robbins (Wegner XDS)

12am-12:15pm Local News

12:30pm 1pm Friday Only 503 Report

12:15pm-3pm Sean Hannity (Premier XDS)

3pm-5pm Joe Pags (Cumulus XDS)

5pm-5:30pm Live at 5 with Aaron

5:30pm-6pm Lars Larson (Wegner - recorded)

6pm-7pm Lars Larson (Wegner - recorded)

7pm 8pm Lars Larson (Wegner - recorded)

8pm-10pm Jim Bohannon (CumulusXDS)

10pm-12am Coast to Coast with George Noory (Premier XDS)



12am-6am Coast to Coast with George Noory (Premier XDS)

6am-6:30am Family Shield (Played from Cart)

6:30am-7:00am CommonWealth Club(Played from Cart)

7:00am-7:30am 503 Report -replayed (Played from Cart)

7:30am-7:45am Local News

7:45am-9:00am Swap Shop (Live)

9:00am-12pm Markley VanCamp Robbins (Wegner XDS)

12pm-3pm Sean Hannity Encore (Premier XDS recorded)

3pm-6pm Hugh Hewitt (CumulusXDS)

6pm-9pm Lars Larson (Wegner - recorded)

9pm 11pm Best of Bohannon (Westwood One XDS)

11pm-12am Coast to Coast Weekend with Art Bell (Premier XDS)



12am-6am Coast to Coast Weekend with Art Bell (Premier XDS)

6am-6:30am Commonwealth Club (Played from Cart)

6:30am-7am Family Shield starts Sept 1 (Played from Cart)

7am-7:30am The Lutheran Hour (Played from Cart)

7:30am-8am Inspiration Music (Played from Cart)

8am-8:30am Commonwealth Club (Played from Cart)

8:30am-9am Calvary Chapel (Played from Car)

9am-10am Highland Baptist (Played from Cart)

10am-1pm Tom Sullivan (Premier XDS recorded)

1pm-4pm Our American Stories (Westwood XDS recorded)

4pm-6pm Dr. Dirt (Played from Cart)

6pm-8pm Armed America (Cumulus XDS)

8pm 10pm Sterling on Sunday (Cumulus XDS)

10pm-12pm Coast to Coast Weekend with Ian Punnett (Premier XDS)